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Making Document Management Better
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Add contextually accurate content description key terms and Tags for your documents - Automatically!   Get Started for FREE!
Within a matter of minutes your document or folder of documents will be easily searchable by contextually accurate document description keywords. 
Doc-Tags will turn folders of documents into extreme value with accurately Searchable and Comparative results. 
Search folders for all documents that have this *Key Term* or Key Terms.  Instantly!
Quickly add documents to Corporate Document Management and Knowledge Management systems with accurately searchable keyword summary descriptions.
 Doc-Tags is your answer to secure, private, key term tagging for Executive-level documents.
Doc-Tags Automatic Document Description Tagging - by DBI Technologies Inc.
Yesterday will the be the last day you re-read a document to enter it into an Enterprise Content Management System.  

Feature Highlights:


• Automatically Create Contextually Accurate Tags for a Document

• Automatically Create Contextually Accurate Tags Document Folder

• Automatically Add Document Meta Data Tags

• Subject Domain Agnostic - additional training NOT required

• Automatic Processing - supervision is NOT required

• Document Tags are presented by Weighted Importance

• Process Reporting ...

Tags Generated

Documents Processed

Document Location

• Examine Comparative Document Tags

• Find Documents with 'These' Tags

• Multi Language Support ...





• Korean

• Spanish

• Contextual Key Terms Automatically Extracted for Each Document

Turn long lost content back into the valuable resource it once was
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