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DBI Technologies Inc. released its next edition of productivity boosting, research enhancing Qualitative Text Analytics management software – Doc-Tags v2.0. The software product that rips apart any textual content distilling that content to nothing but the bare contextually accurate qualitative facts.

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The Mueller Report – The Bare Facts in Minutes

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, December 2019 - The Facts and Only The Contextually Accurate Qualitative Facts that's what Doc-Tags v2.0 promises to deliver.

From the makers of xAIgent and the renowned developer's ERP Gantt Style Drag and Drop Enterprise Resource Planning and Scheduling commercial component software company, DBI Technologies Inc. today has released it's next edition of productivity boosting, research enhancing Qualitative Text Analytics management software – Doc-Tags v2.0. The software product that rips apart any textual content distilling that content to nothing but the bare contextually accurate qualitative facts.

Using patent-backed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, Doc-Tags (xAIgent) understands the construct of human language allowing for the target content to be parsed, in context of itself, to reveal a primary set of contextually accurate qualitative key phrases? In essence a process that strips away all of the conjugative words, the if's, and's, but's..., to reveal a bare collection of content specific keywords (Tags) and key phrases. The patented process compares how many times each key term is used throughout the document and the frequency of each relevant term then statistically ranked. The highest ranked terms are then referenced to retrieve the most predominant examples from the target content of how each key term has been used. A Key phrase / Keyword extracted summary if you will. Completed Automatically, without training (no referential libraries used), unsupervised and solely in context of the target content, for statistically proven, qualitative accuracy.

This type of pure objective Automated Document Processing gives researchers a huge leg-up on surfacing Contextually Relevant information in fractions of the time of today's common approaches. Objectivity is maintained by the Doc-Tags' process because of its engineered AI and Machine Learning patented process replacing the use of referential libraries found in the more common Bayesian and Heuristic approaches. Objectivity leads to the next critical aspect of Doc-Tags – Context. And Context is paramount.  Doc-Tags' approach is focused to the target document being processed – referential libraries are not used so there's zero external influence imposed upon the keyword / key phrase results being generated. In other words in perfect unbiased Context. Objectivity plus Context leads to Accuracy. Quantifiable accuracy that leads to a high level of confidence within the research community and why productivity can be increased up to two-fold without impacting budgets.

For instance, the Library of Congress employs 3,096 permanent staff with an operating budget of $669.9 million (2018) responding on average to one million requests annually from Congress, the public and other US Federal agencies. With contextually accurate document tagging in place, increasing the accuracy and timeliness of subject matter research and information retrieval, it's reasonable to project a $1 billion dollars of productivity from nearly the same $669.93 million appropriation. Not only is there an increase of qualitative research, more importantly there's a significant increase in job satisfaction due to the increased quality of results being curated.

Using the Mueller Report as an example, DBI demonstrates Doc-Tags v2.0 as a near perfect research assistant, where the chapters of the Mueller Report are singled out and each chapter then processed by Doc-Tags giving a Quick Keyword Abstract and a detailed Key Phrase Abstract providing the Researcher / reader with an immediate Cliff Notes tm style qualitative overview of even the most complex subject matter.

Doc-Tagged Mueller Report – chapters 1 to 3 with key phrase abstracts ... link

See an exact example – the contents of this Press Release by Doc-Tags ... link

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DBI Technologies Inc. is an industry proven supplier of Qualitative Text Analytic Software and Services, Commercial Scheduling, resource planning and interface design component software. DBI's focus is on empowering People with Contextually Accurate Information and application development teams with the right tools, at the right time. DBI offers creative and innovative solutions for customers looking to incorporate industry leading technologies built on commercially sound component-based architectures.

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• Automatically Create Contextually Accurate Tags for a Document


• Automatically Create Contextually Accurate Tags Document Folder


• Automatically Add Document Meta Data Tags


• Subject Domain Agnostic - additional training NOT required


• Automatic Processing - supervision is NOT required


• Document Tags are presented by Weighted Importance


• Process Reporting ...


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• Examine Comparative Document Tags


• Find Documents with 'These' Tags


• Multi Language Support ...









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• Contextual Key Terms Automatically Extracted for Each Document

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