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Document Tags Are Important

First, it's important to understand what Document Tags are...

Tags are referred to as metadata - metadata helps describe an item: a document, webpage, image, picture... allowing that item to be found in context during a search process. Tags can be Keywords, Key Phrases or a Term. Tags are concise descriptions that provide context when describing the primary subject matter of that content. Tags are added to the profile of the content file; for Web pages they are known as Meta Tags,  for Social Bookmarking, Word Documents and other common file types - Tags are added to the Tag Property.

Why are Contextually Accurate Document Tags Important?

  • Tags increase retrieval accuracy using Document and Subject Specific Key Term references

  • Tags are critical for Document Categorization  (Enterprise Content Management Systems)

  • Tags allow content to be accurately retrieved in context of the specific subject matter at hand

  • Tags add Topic attributes to a document - Topic Identification + Document Definition

  • Tags allow for Custom Attributes such as skill level, document allocation, security, priority,

  • Tags allow for one document to be compared to another

Getting Started with Doc-Tags - 2 minute video

Tag Your Files for Easier Searches in Windows 10

Take advantage of the Search filters built in to Windows Explorer's Search box. As soon as you begin typing text in the Search box, Windows immediately begins sifting through the search index for that text in folder names, file names, the contents of the file, and file properties, such as Tags.  Windows search function looks to theTags property of a file first and then on to other attributes that help narrow the search process.

What are Tags?

As you probably know, every file on your system has a set of attributes called file properties that include such things as the name of the author or the date that the file was last modified. Tags are another type of file property, designed to be customized by the creator. Tags are great for making searching easier because you can use words or even phrases that make sense to you. You can think of Tags as keywords.
While you can add Tags to many different types of files, you can't add them to all file types. For example, you can add Tags to Microsoft Office documents and most picture files, but you can't add Tags directly to text files or bitmap files.

Tagging files as you save them

When you save files from within certain applications, you'll have the opportunity to Tag your files. For example, Word's Save As dialog box provides you with the ability to Tag a file. In fact, all Microsoft Office applications will allow you to add Tags from the Save As dialogue box or from the File Info dialogue.
As you can see in Figure A, to the right of the File Info tab is the Tags feature. Just click Add a Tag and a text box will appear where you can type your custom keyword or phrase.
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Doc-Tags - Document File Info Add Tag Property
figure A

Tagging previously published and saved files

What to do when you want to improve your content retrieval capabilities for documents not previously 'Tagged'? There are three approaches:
  • first, if you are familiar with the content of a particular file you can directly right mouse click on the file and edit the properties by adding your own custom tags;

  • the second option is to open the file and read it - once you've got a handle on the content select Save As and the 'More Options...' link right underneath the file name field and add your new custom - Author, Tag, Title and Subject key words;

  • the third option, crack open Doc-Tags ( and have this clever utility create Contextually Accurate Document Description Tags for you.

Doc-Tags in essence opens the document, reads it for you, creates a contextually accurate subject matter list of key words that are used predominately in the document, takes the most relevant of those key words and then adds them to the Tags Property of the Text or Word document and saves the file for you (a text file is saved as a .docx file using the original file name).
Clever, effortless, accurate, using contextual subject matter key words without you having to lay an eye on the actual content. Great for Executive environments where there are sensitive documents that can only be seen by authorized personnel. Dog-Tags makes a perfect companion for Content and Enterprise Document Management Systems.

Putting Relevant Context in CaseText

When the chief Technology Officer for CaseText  (CARA Research Suite) went looking for an agnostic, purely objective approach for retrieving key terminology, key phrases and keywords from Legal Precedents, his search came to an abrupt halt after a brief evaluation of xAIgent. Today, xAIgent technology provides the contextually relevant accuracy for CaseText's case law search service.  learn more about xAIgent...
Doc-Tags Automatic Document Description Tagging - by DBI Technologies Inc.
Text Analytics Software Solutions for Consumers and Developers needing Contextually Accurate and Relevant CliffNotes(tm) style Insight into their Information, Content and Documents

Feature Highlights:


• Automatically Create Contextually Accurate Tags by Document

• Automatically Create Contextually Accurate Tags by Folder

• Automatically Add Document Meta Data Tags

• Subject Domain Agnostic  - additional training NOT required

• Automatic Processing - No Supervision

• Document Tags are presented by Weighted Importance

• Process Reporting:

o Tags Generated  o Documents Processed  o Document Location

• Examine Document with Similar Tags

• Search for Documents by Tag

• Multi Language Support:

o English  o French  o German  o Japanese  o Korean  o Spanish

• Contextual Key Terms Automatically Extracted for Each Document

Turn long lost content back into the valuable resource it once was
* Tags, generated by the Doc-Tags utility, are accurately based on the actual document content and not based on category selections from pre-defined general category lists.
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